Jaws for real: Great white shark slams into diver’s cage, narrowly misses his arm (VIDEO)

© Spencer Reilly
Incredible speed, super-sharp teeth inches from a tourist’s head – this video will make your blood run cold. It was recorded by a lucky guy who encountered a great white shark face-to-face in South Africa, and escaped to tell the tale without a scratch.

An American tourist, Spencer Reilly, was diving off the resort of Gansbaai, in South Africa. Reilly, reportedly on his honeymoon, dared to try a risky adventure – cage diving with sharks.

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The video shows how the shark torpedoes the cage at incredible speed. In slow-mo it can be clearly seen that the predator narrowly missed Reilly’s arm. Luckily, he didn’t sustain any injuries after his meeting with the predator.

“It was not too scary because it happened so fast, and then it was pretty exhilarating,” Reilly later told 9news.com.au.