‘Missing vodka & a bear’: Tank bogged in Russian mud, social media in giggles

A T-80 tank. © Ramil Sitdikov
A 46 ton T-80 tank became stuck in deep mud on a roadside in Siberia – right near a ‘danger’ sign. The photos have given a good laugh to social media users who focused on the idea that roads remain Russia’s secret weapon.

Russians have a saying “tanks don’t fear dirt” – however that’s been gracefully challenged by nature in this particular case.

The battle tank reportedly got in trouble while attempting to climb on to the highway from the side. Too heavy for the muddy side-road, the 46-ton beast sank into the mire, unable to move forward or back. The attempts of an armored personnel carrier to pull it out failed.

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The ‘danger’ sign in the photo as well as smoke coming from a fire in a nearby village added to the effect. As one user commented, “A tank stuck on a Russian road with a burning house behind it… we’re only missing a tank driver drinking vodka with a bear here.”

© vk.com/act54