Mesmerizing time-lapse shows Hurricane Patricia from ISS (VIDEO)

Mesmerizing time-lapse shows Hurricane Patricia from ISS (VIDEO)
NASA has published a stunning time-lapse video of Hurricane Patricia, which shows the eye of the storm off the west coast of Mexico from vantage point of the International Space Station (ISS).

The video published by NASA on Sunday captured the Category 5 storm – the highest possible rating – as the ISS was passing over Mexico on Friday.

The hurricane, which unleashed record-breaking 322 km/h winds and severe flooding in the area, prompted the evacuation of around 15,000 tourists from Mexican resorts. There were no deaths reported as a result of the mega-storm, although a few thousand homes were damaged, according to Mexican officials.

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The remnants of Patricia continued on to batter Louisiana, triggering coastal flood warnings on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). More than 20,000 were left without power in the greater New Orleans area.