Labrador with honors: Graduation photo in Spanish University tributes blind student’s furry friend

© Vet Móvil Veterinarios
A graduation photo album at the University of Cádiz features quite an unusual student – a labrador. Though the canine was not really brilliant at classes and did not take any exams, it became quite a chum not only to its master, but all the students.

The picture of the graduate dog first was featured on Mobile Vet Veterinary society on Facebook on Wednesday and since then has been reposted on social media.

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Idena the dog appeared alongside its owner, Arturo Diaz Benitez, on the memorable photograph of Students studying Social Work at the University of Cádiz, southern Spain.

In the photo the proud dog is seen wearing a mortarboard, the square academic cap worn by the graduates. The caption says that Idena now has made the “grade in social work.”

Spaniards commented in droves: "I bet this dog attended more lectures than most students!" Among other comments: "Magnificent. 10 out of 10 for the University of Cádiz.”

It appears ‘graduation pics with your dog’ is not a rare phenomenon. The cute dog is also seen on the graduation photo of history graduates from the University of Santiago de Compostela (2007-2012), Twitter users say.

The graduation picture of the students of the Faculty of Labour Sciences (2000-2003) of Granada University also features a canine friend, according to comments under the Facebook post about Idena the Dog.