Powerful cyclone blows away 30-meter crane, roofs, trees in Russia’s Far East (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The island of Sakhalin in Russia’s Far East was hit by a mighty cyclone that blew away a 30-meter crane in the port as well as roofs from buildings and tearing up trees. At least sixteen people are feared injured and one person killed.

An emergency has been declared in at least three districts of the island, the region’s officials told TASS, adding that at least 100,000 residents have been left without power on the island.

"An emergency situation has been imposed in Yuzhno-Sakhalink [the capital of Sakhalin] and Korsakovsky and Dolinsky districts," the officials said.

The island was flooded by about 22-40 percent more than the regular rainfall for the month and winds reached 33-39 meters per hour.

The cyclone has torn up over 800 trees and damaged at least 218 roofs in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, said the city council’s press service. Videos posted on social media showed a 30-meter crane in the town of Kholmsk being blown down by strong winds from the sea.

At least sixteen people, including one child, were injured and a 60-year-old woman was killed in the storm, officials said. However, the Sakhalin governor hasn’t yet confirmed the information about the casualties.