iQueue: Robot joins line for new iPhone in Australia

iQueue: Robot joins line for new iPhone in Australia
A resourceful Australian has sent a robot, basically made of an iPad on a stand, to wait in an exhausting line for the new iPhone. Meanwhile, the woman can put her feet up; while her android pal spends hours maintaining a lonely vigil outside the Apple store.

At 05:00 local time on Thursday, the robot arrived at the flagship shop in Sydney and was fourth in line, local media reported. The new iPhone 6S goes on sale worldwide on Friday, but those living in Australia will be amongst the first to get their hands on the new gadget, due to the time difference.

Lucy Kelly borrowed the robot, which is assembled from an iPad and a remote-controlled Segway-type stand, from its employer, Atomic 212 media agency.

"Obviously because of work I can't spend two days standing in line waiting for a mobile phone. So my boss said ‘Just take the robot down, you'll still be able to do your work, but you'll still be waiting in line,” she told Mashable.

“I want to be the first robot to buy an iPhone,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

The Apple fans, some of whom have spent over two weeks in front of a shop, in less than clement weather, did not mind a robot occupying one of the places in the queue.

"Everyone thinks it is pretty cool, they were happy to let a robot go ahead," Kelly said.

Besides, Kelly’s face is constantly displayed on the iPad and she’s able to communicate with fellow tech fans via the camera and microphone.

"I am staying here the whole time," the woman said, adding that she’s connected to the robot via a special app.

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The robotic helper will spend the night in a special tent, which is equipped with a charger to keep the device operational.  If there are no emergencies, the robot will purchase an iPhone itself, with no human interaction involved.