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29 Aug, 2015 06:54

The Magic Candy Factory: World’s first-ever 3D printer for chewy sweets (VIDEO)

The Magic Candy Factory: World’s first-ever 3D printer for chewy sweets (VIDEO)

Ever wanted to be glued to your couch without having to go shopping for candy? This Berlin cafe has premiered the answer. Check out our video of the world’s first ever 3D printer for custom-made fruit gums: The Magic Candy Factory.

OK, so it doesn’t look like gummy bears are going to come out fully formed, but it does resemble some weird evolutionary step on the way to getting your bears, as a form of primordial candy ooze exits the machine at a relaxing pace, completely entrancing onlookers at the Rosenthaler Strasse’s Café Grün-Ohr.

“So, we place the cartridge in the chamber. And then you put the door back on,” the machine’S operator tells RUPTLY news service.

“The chamber itself… is heated, to ensure that the material is kept at the correct temperature,” she explains, as the dark-blue alien-looking stuff begins to exit.

A total of 10 flavors is available to customers, with the option of combining them.


‘The Magic Candy Factory’, as the creators call the thing, is not only the first printer of its kind for candy, “it’s also the first ever printer to reach the consumer market.”

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What’s more, the website, which is currently down, will offer visitors the choice of coming up with a host of different new colors, shapes and flavors – and even the ability to write anything they want with the gooey stuff.