Monster truck tire bounces into crowd, injures 6 at Finland stunt show (VIDEO)

Monster truck tire bounces into crowd, injures 6 at Finland stunt show (VIDEO)
Six people, including children, have been injured after a monster truck performing at an annual Power Truck Show in Finland broke an axle during a hard landing and lost one of its massive tires – which bounced directly into a crowd of terrified spectators.

Among the six people wounded by the runaway wheel were two small children, who suffered significant injuries, the Findland Times reported, citing rescue services. Some of the wounded had to be tranfered to a hospital for treatment.

The terrifying accident happened at Power Park in Kauhava, Western Findland on Saturday, at an annual event featuring vehicles with extremely large wheels and engine performances of around 1,500 horsepower.

The event went smoothly until the truck attempted a jump over a lorry, resulting in a particularly hard landing, after which a truck lost one of its front wheels.

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According to the organizers, the driver of the vehicle had 15 years of experience behind the wheel of monster truck – and his car had been checked by inspectors before the stunt show. They also said that the audience had ben located at a distance deemed safe enough according to the rules.

The police launched an investigation into possible negligence on the part of the organisers of the annual show which has an 11-year history. The Safety Investigation Authority is also set to launch it own probe, which is expected to last several days.