2 women swept away by flash flood in China (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

2 women swept away by flash flood in China (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
The video has been released on YouTube showing two women being swept away by a flash flood that recently struck China. They were trying to climb off a roof to get to a door, but failed and were immediately washed away by enraged waters.

The incident took place in Shaanxi Province, northwestern China, which has a population of over 37 million people.

The video, taken by local witnesses, shows how two women desperately battle the storm. The onlookers suddenly scream as they see the women swept away by the raging waters.

One of the women, a nurse, died later in the local hospital, the other was saved by the villagers, according to media reports.

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China has been recently stuck by heavy flooding, torrential rainfall and landslides, which destroyed farmlands and damaged roads and infrastructure.

In Shaanxi Province the downpour, with a maximum rainfall of over 200mm, affected about 20,000 people and causes economic losses to the region, according to the local media reports from the beginning of July.