Wet waltz: Rare twin waterspouts elegantly dance off Italian coast (VIDEO)

Wet waltz: Rare twin waterspouts elegantly dance off Italian coast (VIDEO)
Two enormous waterspouts have been captured twisting together in a miraculous show, connecting sea and sky. The dual waterspouts, or ‘le dragoni’ in Italian, are extremely rare to observe.

The footage was made by an Italian journalist freelancer at the Ligurian seashore.

Nicola Ferrarese, 34, was quick to grab his camera on spotting the miraculous phenomena – “a few small cones growing from the bottom of the clouds on the horizon” – while working at his hotel in San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy.

“Since I live by the sea, I have seen other waterspouts in the past, but never two together that seemed to be dancing the biggest waltz ever,” he told the Daily Mirror. “I was so excited, but I had to stay as still as possible because I had a telephoto lens on my camera.”

The videomaker, who was lucky enough to be “in the right place at the right time,” added, “I got wet from the rain, but I think it was worth it as people have been amazed by the footage."

Still from Youtube video

Representing nature’s severe power and staggering beauty, waterspouts are tornadoes that form over water during either storms or fair weather. They are enormous water columns of air and water mist formed from the clouds downwards, not from lake or seawater, which can be extremely dangerous should they form during tornado weather.

However, the waterspouts on the footage seem to be calm, fair-weather ones. Their lives don’t exceed 20 minutes and they usually serve as an indication that a storm is coming.