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23 Nov, 2014 11:13

​‘Afraid of Russia:’ German police arrest man after finding nuke-proof bunker full of weapons

Police in Germany found a private nuclear-proof bunker made by a man who says he feared an attack from Russia. At least 140 different weapons were found in his “atomic safe” facility where he was planning to hide with his family.

The 59-year old electrician has been arrested on charges of storing illegal weapons and explosives which he hid in his self-made bunker near his house in Kelheim municipality in Bavaria, southeastern Germany,

All in all police confiscated 80 rifles, 60 handguns, two submachine guns, 20,000 rounds of ammunition and about 40 kilograms of substances for explosives production, said State Criminal Police Office (LKA).

The court of Regensburg, a nearby city, said the man failed to provide any legal permit for his arsenal.

The electrician managed to cement the weapons in the floor of his “atomic safe shelter” and made 40-centimeter-thick walls.

The man, identified only as Max S. by Germany's Bild newspaper, told police that he wanted to protect his family from possible nuclear attacks. According to the media outlet, he had 12 children.

"He was afraid of the threat posed by a large eastern European power. He was afraid of Russia," a police spokesman told AFP.

Police added that the electrician along with riffles, stored food supplies and even constructed whole underground air filtration and water treatment systems.

It’s not yet clear when the man started building his “survival” bunker.

It took police three days to enter the “Russian-proof” facility and examine the arsenal prepared for the case if nuclear war happens. They also used tools to crack through the walls.

The investigation said that there is no “visible extremist background” or signs of mental illness in the actions of the man.