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Europe remembers victims of Odessa massacre (VIDEOS)

Europe remembers victims of Odessa massacre (VIDEOS)
People across Europe, Russia, and Ukraine commemorated the victims of the tragedy in Odessa on May 2, when at least 48 people were killed and over 200 badly injured.

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A memorial service was held in churches in Moscow and Odessa. In Moscow, the service was held by Father Andrey Novikov, who is from Odessa but had to leave the city. Many placed flowers on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin Wall.

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Rome, Milan, Venice, and Naples with the flags of Russia and the Donetsk People’s Republic. Some also wore symbols of Italian and Ukrainian communist parties.

RIA Novosti / Denis Petrov

“About one hundred people in Milan have come to [pay] tribute to the victims of [the] terrible Odessa tragedy,” anti-war and anti-NATO committee activist Svetlana Klyueva said. “We have arranged a photo exhibition which shows the events in Odessa.”

RIA Novosti / Denis Petrov

About 100 people gathered at Rome's Colosseum, calling for an end to the “genocide in Donbass.” Venice saw more than 200 demonstrators.

6 months have passed. #Italy, #Sweden, #CzechRepublic, #Ireland, #Germany, #Poland remember #Odessa massacre victims. pic.twitter.com/9OdX1bTinA

— rui borges (@homo_viator) 2 ноября 2014

"Of course such a massacre, even the killing of one person, is always terrible and the thing I find most shocking is that while we are hearing lots of it on the news over here, no one seems to bother, everyone seems to think it is practically normal," said Koen Van Dessel, a solidarity protester, in Brussels. Dozens gathered at Place du Luxembourg, close to the European Parliament, demanding justice for the victims of the Odessa tragedy.

"We are gathered here today in the city center, near the Cathedral of Strasbourg, an action in memory of the victims of the Odessa tragedy,” said one of the campaign organizers in Strasbourg, France.

In Berlin, demonstrators held a remembrance service in front of the US embassy. They lit 3,000 candles in Pariser Platz and displayed photos and video screenshots from documentaries of the incident.

About 50 protesters gathered at the Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw, Poland, where they lit candles in memory of those who died in the House of Trade Unions fire in Odessa on May 2. They walked on the streets of Warsaw carrying anti-NATO banners. They concluded their march at the US embassy, where a NATO flag was set on fire.

About 200 people gathered in Madrid, Spain, organizer Vera Rodionova told RIA Novosti. The demonstrators gathered at the central square, Puerta del Sol, where they placed photos from Odessa. They recalled the events of May 2 and placed flowers. A moment of silence was held in remembrance of the victims.