Russians to face curb on wasted electricity

Russians to face curb on wasted electricity
Russian consumers are to encouraged to be more efficient with their use of electricity next year. From 2014 anyone deemed a 'waster' will be charged a higher tariff.

Premier Dmitry Medvedev signed a directive to introduce a rule for electricity consumption across Russia. The new norm will cover at least 70% of total electricity consumption by households, but each region will calculate its limit separately, Kommersant says.

In seven Russia’s regions the new directive will come into effect on September 1. “Four regions have unilaterally introduced the regulation already," explained Dmitry Kozak, Russia’s Vice Premier.

Electricity consumption will be the first to be regulated, with other public services in due course.

The main goal of the initiative is to stop cross-subsidisation of the wealthy who can pay for the amount of consumed electricity at an economic price.

In calculating base for electricity use, both the type of a household and its accommodation will be considered. For instance, it will be higher for bigger households and those that use more electric devices due to the lack of alternatives. Also, people in the countryside and those living in emergency housing will enjoy privileges, as well as pensioners and invalids.