SNL writer stages comedic coup on Trump’s Twitter feed

SNL writer stages comedic coup on Trump’s Twitter feed
A Saturday Night Live writer has been responding to President Donald Trump’s tweets as if they were text messages, prompting a few chuckles among the online community.

“Proud to unveil my new, incredibly stupid project: Responding to Trump Tweets Like They Were Texts,” Josh Patten announced on Sunday.

Patten has been replying to countless Trump tweets with typical everyday responses people send to each other, like “Call when you land,”“Just seeing this,” and “Ok text if you need anything.”

The casual, friendly responses are at odds when sent in response to some of Trump’s more bizarre and angry tweets.

Patten offers Trump television show recommendations and travel advice, like during his recent trip to France, he told the president “go to the Louvre if you have time.”

Despite the very harmless nature of Patten’s tweets, he has become a target for angry keyboard warriors who have made threats against him.