Man attacked with machete in Manhattan brawl (VIDEO)

Man attacked with machete in Manhattan brawl (VIDEO)
An altercation in Manhattan turned violent when a driver produced a machete, swinging it at a pedestrian with whom he was fighting with.

The vicious encounter saw dustbins thrown and blood spilled on the city’s upper west side.

A video uploaded to Twitter by Paul Tena captured parts of the nasty street brawl.
The driver of the car, wearing a white T-shirt, swings the machete at another man wielding a dustbin. The machete flies from the man’s hand forcing him to retreat to his car.

Punches are thrown and what looks like blood is spilt on the white T-shirt before both parties go about their business.

RT reached out to Tena but have yet to receive a response. On his Twitter feed he said he was unsure what the fight was about as he stumbled across it already unfolding.

Using Google Maps geolocated the scene of the fight to the corner of Broadway and West 94th street.