Cyclist smashed by oncoming vehicle after running red light (VIDEO)

Cyclist smashed by oncoming vehicle after running red light (VIDEO)
An Ottawa cyclist has reportedly been slapped with a fine after being filmed crossing the street at a red pedestrian light and being run down by a passing vehicle.

Motorist Nick Fleury filmed the incident while driving in the Canadian capital Saturday.

His footage, uploaded to YouTube, shows the shocking moment a careless cyclist failed to heed the rules of the road and nearly paid with his life.

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In the clip, two cars approach a junction at Lyon Street with a green light, when a cyclist comes out into view and is struck by one of the vehicles.

The impact lifts the rider onto the windshield of the car and throws the bike meters away onto a nearby pavement.

“This was my first day with a dashcam. I recorded for less than two hours before witnessing this,” Fleury wrote online.

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“There was actually a police officer directly on the corner. She witnessed everything and was immediately in position to help.

“The rider luckily walked away… The driver and his wife were fine.”

According to CBC News, the cyclist has been charged by police and is likely to pay a fine over the incident.