‘Flying trampoline’ warning issued in NZ as storm causes havoc (VIDEOS)

‘Flying trampoline’ warning issued in NZ as storm causes havoc (VIDEOS)
Officials are warning people to tie down their trampolines in Wellington, New Zealand as high winds cause havoc. Barrels and trampolines have careered across motorways and waves crashed over trains as the city absorbs 150kph (92mph) winds.

“Tie your trampolines down, sports – it’s windy,” read the warning from Wellington City Council. Drivers have been warned of debris flying around the motorway, reported the New Zealand Herald.

Waves battered the coast where a train line and motorway run next to the ocean. Video taken from the Hutt Valley Line shows waves crashing against the windows of a commuter train.

Officials issued warnings advising drivers to keep within the speed limit and be aware of the hazardous conditions. Videos posted to YouTube shows the extent of the danger as sea water is washed up by the winds on the roads.

Above Wellington conditions weren’t much better as a video filmed inside an airplane shows its wobbly landing approach.

More than 1,000 people are without power in the area with all ferry services cancelled.