You go sister: New hoverboard has French nun flying high (VIDEO)

You go sister: New hoverboard has French nun flying high (VIDEO)
A French nun has been channeling her inner Marty McFly, whizzing around her convent and the streets of Bauge in western France on a hoverboard.

Sister Fabienne, 78, was spotted riding her hoverboard through the streets of the sunny town while running her daily errands on Friday.

The nun, who said she learnt how to ride the hoverboard from a priest who came to the town from Paris, described the experience of hoverboarding as “the joy of living,” as it makes her feel “comfortable, relaxed.”

Sister Fabienne, who is part of the Filles du Coeur de Marie Compatissant au Pied de la Croix (Daughters of the Heart of Compassionate Mary at the Foot of the Cross) religious community, took to the mode of transport mainly popular with younger users.

The hoverboard concept was made famous by the character Marty McFly in the hit Hollywood series, Back to the Future.

“It is the joy of living, being comfortable, relaxed. I still have to pay attention to move because I forget to lean forward, but it is pleasant,” Sister Fabienne told Ruptly.

“I had a good teacher. It was the priest who came one day from Paris with this toy. He proposed to the sisters to learn some notions of it, to do some courses. And I got hooked to it,” she added.

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