#1917LIVE: See Russian Revolution as witnessed by children

#1917LIVE: See Russian Revolution as witnessed by children
Take a child’s perspective of one of the most momentous events in 20th-century history – RT invites you to explore drawings about the Russian Revolution done by children as young as seven years old 100 years ago.

The Russian Telegraph (RT) is a fictional media – part of the #1917LIVE project – which relives the fateful year 1917 day-by-day in real time, bringing you top stories, breaking news and chatter of the past.

On Thursday, June 8, RT will report from the Russian Historical Museum (now the State Historical Museum) to show you the revolution as witnessed by young Muscovites. Students of a Moscow middle school, some as young as seven years old, depicted the dramatic events happening around them: demonstrations, street fighting, bread lines, as well as the heroes and villains of the revolution.

Naive and innocent, they capture the spirit of the time with unique clarity and precision.

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