Dog savagely beaten by man in horrific footage (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Dog savagely beaten by man in horrific footage (GRAPHIC IMAGES)
Disturbing video of a man violently beating his dog which was published online has resulted in his arrest. The video, which has been watched more than 6 million times, has left viewers horrified.

Misha Javad posted the video to Facebook after witnessing the brutal attack outside her house in Oldham, Manchester.

The footage shows a man walking his dog before stopping to adjust its harness. He then suddenly punches the dog in the head sending the animal reeling.


The man roughly grabs the dog and drags it closer to him where he continues to fix the harness, before he suddenly punches the dog again, and grabs the cowering animal’s leash before placing it in a headlock. He’s also seen lifting the dog by its harness and swinging it around, before punching it another four times.

According to Javad, her brother attempted to confront the man at that stage and was told it was “none of his concern,” the Manchester Evening News reports.

Greater Manchester Police released a statement which said a report was made about the incident on Monday. On Tuesday, “a 35-year-old man presented himself at a police station and has been arrested on suspicion of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal,” the police said in a Facebook post.

“Whether against a human or animal, violence is never the answer and we will continue to root out those people who think it is to put a stop to their disgusting behaviour,” Chief Inspector John Haywood said.

"We are aware of this shocking video and are investigating,” an RSPCA spokesperson said. “The dog is now in RSPCA care and is being seen by a vet. A man has been arrested by police and is being interviewed by one of our officers today."

The RSPCA reports the maximum custodial sentence for “even the most serious cases of abuse is a lifetime ban and just six months in custody and/or an unlimited fine.”