On fire! Stunning red and gold cloud formations over Moscow flood social media (PHOTOS)

On fire! Stunning red and gold cloud formations over Moscow flood social media (PHOTOS)
People in Moscow have been treated to a rare, stunning cloud formation of red and gold that seems to have covered the whole city, giving photo enthusiasts a chance to snap most impressive shots and hopefully ushering in a promising start to the spring season.

It all started quite routinely, with simply beautiful sunset over Russia’s capital that hasn’t seen clear blue sky for a very long time because of rains, heavy clouds and sometimes even snow and hail, which are uncommon in mid-April.

A sunny and warm day with almost no rains flowing into an equally warm and nice evening with the setting sun lighting up the view has been a completely unexpected gift for Moscow.

However, at around 8pm local time it turned out that nature had something special in store for locals. A huge cloud, resembling a cotton candy, emerged over the rooftops and could apparently be seen from each and every part of Russia’s biggest city.

This stunning event could not have passed unnoticed and dozens of photos immediately flooded social media. 

Some of those who posted images of the phenomenon, however, were apparently not in a romantic mood, suggesting that the gigantic cloud illuminated by the scarlet sunset was no less than a sign of The Apocalypse.

Others thought that the skies were set on fire and it’s time to call a fire brigade.

And finally, there were others, who simply appreciated this spectacular piece of nature for what it was looking forward to more sunshine and marvelous sunsets in the months to come.