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No ‘Paradise City’: Guns N’ Roses booed for confusing Melbourne with rival Sydney (VIDEO)

 No ‘Paradise City’: Guns N’ Roses booed for confusing Melbourne with rival Sydney (VIDEO)
Rock band Guns N’ Roses were booed, and continue to be heavily trolled online, for confusing Melbourne with its rival Australian city Sydney during their recent concert Down Under.

The group were about to perform for 70,000 fans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Tuesday night when their longtime guitar technician and announcer, known simply as ‘McBob’, made the error.

McBob announced: "Sydney, you wanted the best but they're stuck in traffic, so here's what you get," a play on the ‘Kiss’ line: “you wanted the best, you got the best”.

The crowd’s excited cheers suddenly turned to boos as Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan entered the stage seemingly unaware of the bomb that was just dropped.

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The blunder, while understandable as the group had played two shows in Sydney just three days prior, was certainly unfortunate. Melbourne and Sydney residents have an intense rivalry over which is Australia's best city.

The band quickly apologized to fans for the “Spinal Tap” via their official Twitter account:

When the hate didn’t subside, Slash, Duff McKagan and Axl Rose attempted to put out the fire, reminding fans that McBob’s wife and family are Australian and will likely give him enough grief over his faux pas.