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10 Feb, 2017 12:35

Upset vegan demands banning of ‘fox killing’ kids' song

Upset vegan demands banning of ‘fox killing’ kids' song

Hearing the lyrics of an old children’s song about a fox being shot led a vegan in Germany to request the song be banned from being played in public. Not wanting to seem unkind, the local mayor has temporarily granted the request.

The complainant, a resident of the town of Limburg an der Lahn in Hesse, told the mayor that she was upset by the lyrics of ‘Fuchs, Du hast die Gans gestohlen’, which translates as ‘Fox, you stole the Goose’, which was played through the town’s carillon, a musical instrument consisting of a series of bells.

The 19th century song details how a mischievous fox steals a goose from a farmer, who then sets out to hunt him down.

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Included in the song are the lyrics: “Now the hunter's gone to get you, With his horse and gun-gun-gun,” as well as “Bang-bang-bang the gun will sing, An awful price to pay.”

The woman worked within earshot of the carillon and, with only 33 songs in rotations, she heard the offending tune played several times per day. She proceeded to lodge a request with the town’s mayor for it to be removed, a request which has been temporarily granted.

“We are giving the goose a closed hunting season and regularly switch out the musical pieces,” town spokesman Johannes Laubach said on Thursday, according to The Local, adding that the song will enter rotation again in a number of months.