Reddit users paired with Bill Gates and Snoop Dogg for Secret Santa

Reddit users paired with Bill Gates and Snoop Dogg for Secret Santa
Most Secret Santas end in disappointment with the mystery gift turning out to be nothing more than yet another coffee mug. But two users on Reddit got very lucky when their gift-givers turned out to be none other than Bill Gates and Snoop Dogg.

“Merry Xmizzle” Snoop wrote to Reddit user Erin who received a shirt, slippers, a drone and some green (tea) leaves in a plastic bag from the rapper. Erin, who is keeping her identity secret to protect her Reddit identity, has been participating in the site’s Secret Santa for the previous three years in which people exchange gifts with strangers.

“I called my husband, and I'm like, 'I think my Secret Santa might be Snoop Dogg,'” she told KTXL, sharing the note she received from Snoop in which he calls her a “bo$$ lady.”

Not to be outdone by Snoop, Microsoft founder Bill Gates got in on the action, surprising a Reddit user with a box full of glitters and gifts, including games consoles, a toy sword and a creepy picture of the Redditor and her family, with Gates photoshopped in.

Despite the image that, if it had been from any other stranger would have warranted a call to the police, Aerrix, also not using her full name, was delighted with her gift. Gates also made a donation to, a scheme aiming to educate all children in computer science, something Aerrix told KTNV was “dear to my heart as my husband is a programmer.”

Gates has been participating in the scheme since 2013. Another celebrity who has participated in the past was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once gifted a drawing he done by hand of the lucky participant’s cat.

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