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Horrifying footage shows moment bungee jump ends in tragedy (VIDEO)

Horrifying footage shows moment bungee jump ends in tragedy (VIDEO)
A man in Sao Paulo, Brazil unwittingly leaped to his death after his bungee jump attempt went horribly wrong as a result of using a cord that was too long.

Fábio Ezequiel de Moraes was jumping from the Engenheiro Acrísio Bridge on Sunday from a height of 40 meters (131ft), with his wife, brother and son all present to witness the tragic accident.

According to local reports, Moraes’ six-year-old son was originally going to jump with him, but he decided to jump alone at the last minute.

Video footage shows Moraes as he takes the fatal leap, only to miss the inflatable landing area, impacting the ground instead, though this has been censored in this video.

After the accident, Moraes was taken to hospital in Mairinque but later died from the head trauma. Police are investigating the incident and have seized the equipment used.

At Moraes’ wake on Monday, his family said they blamed the bungee jump company MF Leasing Equipment, for his death.

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The company released a statement confirming the accident and saying it was working with the Mairinque Civil Police in its investigations. "At this difficult time for all, efforts are directed towards the care of Fabio’s relatives,” it said.

The Engenheiro Acrísio Bridge is often used as a training area for the local fire department for rappelling, Globo reports.