Rogue won: Trump/Clinton clash reimagined as Star Wars story (VIDEO)

© egor zhgun
If you have ever wondered how this US presidential campaign would have played out if it had happened in the Star Wars universe, this animated video derived from the upcoming Rogue One film will give you a pretty good idea.

Casting American political figures as characters from the upcoming Star Wars film, the ‘mockutrailer’ pulls no punches and depicts Republicans and Democrats as competing members of the same Empire that are only distinguished by different props which disguise their identity as stormtroopers.

The clip was published by Egor Zhgun, a Russian graphic designer, who has been lampooning pop culture icons and political events for some six years. Most of his barbs target the Russian government, although occasionally he takes on international politics.

Zhgun made his name by creating Zoich, the mock mascot of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.