Sabbath rush hour: Devout Jewish man drives crashed car for 60 miles

Sabbath rush hour: Devout Jewish man drives crashed car for 60 miles
A Jewish man who drove dangerously for 60 miles to reach his destination before sundown did not slow down even after severely crashing his vehicle, because he was late to observe the Sabbath, a court in Wales heard.

Jehoshua Gross, from London, had continued to travel 60 miles from London to Llandudno, Conwy, despite his car being severely damaged in a crash.

The 27-year-old did not stop because he was trying to observe the Sabbath, a religious abstention from work and driving from Friday sunset till Saturday sunset, the magistrates were told.

Gross pleaded guilty and got off with a fine of £415 ($511) and a driving ban for 15 months, according to the BBC.

The court heard how Gross was involved in a “no fault” collision on the M56 motorway where his Honda Civic was severely damaged at the front after he hit the back of a heavy goods lorry.

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Despite the damage, he drove on the hard shoulder during his journey to Wales for “prolonged periods” to avoid heavy traffic. It was only when another motorist alerted the police, the car was confiscated.

Gross had told police that he was not allowed to drive after sunset due to his religious beliefs of observing the Sabbath for a 24-hour period till Saturday evening.

PC Scott Martin of the North Wales Roads Policing Unit said the irresponsible driving was a “real risk of serious injury to other persons.”