Extreme road rage escalates into crazed car-ramming episode in China (VIDEO)

Extreme road rage escalates into crazed car-ramming episode in China (VIDEO)
Dramatic dashcam footage of an intense road rage incident was filmed in Guangdong Province last week. Starting with a classic rear-ending fender bender, but quickly escalates into a bonnet-jumping, all out Grand Theft Auto-like ramming war.

A white car pulls into the lane in front of the dash-cam bearing vehicle and stops suddenly, resulting in the latter hitting it from behind.

The drama quickly unfolds with an expletive-ridden rant. However, it takes a sharp turn towards a very physical response when the driver of the front vehicle hops back into his car, makes a quick U-turn, and proceeds to wreck his own car by ramming into his new vehicular enemy - five times.

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The opposing driver makes a lame attempt to calm the situation by whacking the ramming driver’s windscreen with a baseball bat, a move which nearly resulted in a leg-crushing injury to his rival’s female passenger. 

According to the Guangzhou Daily, when police arrived on the scene both drivers “recognized their mistakes” and no charges were filed. 

However, the outrageous video has since made its way across Chinese social network Weibo, where many users questioned the lack of charges or penalties against the drivers.

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Others pointed out that if traffic cops don’t respond with charges in these cases, it is not surprising that such brazen road rage incidents occur.

The law has been violated, and those who broke the law must be held criminally responsible. This is a crime against public security. So we are going to set the rules for compliance. Breaking the rules pay the price,” said one user.

Such people should lose their license!!!” wrote another.

Solid line lane change, jumping red lights, reverse driving, intentional collision, traffic police don’t pursue? Surprise, surprise,” said another comment.