Crazy multi-story swimming pool jump caught on camera (VIDEO)

Crazy multi-story swimming pool jump caught on camera (VIDEO)
Footage has emerged online of an outrageous life-threatening leap from a multi-story building into a swimming pool several floors below.

The video opens with a man nonchalantly making his way across the building’s rooftop terrace, taking in views of the waves lapping against the shore of the adjacent beach.

However, he soon discards his towel and coolly hops over the barrier, looking down at the pool.

The man appears to be at least six stories up but that doesn’t faze him nor, apparently, does the fact that there’s a gap of several meters between the edge of the building and the edge of the pool.

Instead of pausing for thought, he calmly launches himself right off the edge.The floors rush by as the man plunges towards the ground in a stomach-churning drop.

Fortunately, he hits his target and enters the water safely - much to the surprise of a swimmer already in the water.

The jumper then quickly swims out of the pool and flees the scene of his foolhardy stunt by vaulting a fence.

The man’s multi-story drop appears to be part of a wider ‘balconing’ craze.

For the past several summers the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has backed a campaign urging UK tourists overseas to use their balconies safely after a series of incidents left several holidaymakers dead or seriously injured.