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11 Sep, 2016 09:45

Live snake terrifies passengers after hitching ride on hood of car (VIDEO)

Live snake terrifies passengers after hitching ride on hood of car (VIDEO)

An uninvited – and very unexpected – reptile made for one of the most terrifying driving experiences imaginable when it hitched a ride on the hood of an unsuspecting driver’s car.

Australia has never been the best place to get away from all things creepy and crawly, but you’d expect a bit of peace and quiet when speeding down a highway. No such luck for this driver and passenger, however, as they witnessed a live snake flapping around on their hood.

“It’s foaming at the mouth,” passenger Gaby McCloskey tells the driver, who laughs at the snake’s misfortune and frustration.

“He’s f**king furious too,” the driver adds as the snake clings to the car like out of a scene from Terminator 2.

The snake, whose breed is unknown, then makes for the windscreen, much to horror of the passenger, who screams that the tenacious reptile is going to attempt to actually get inside the vehicle.

Luckily that nightmare was never fully realized – once the car slowed down, the snake slithered away into nature unharmed, according to McCloskey.

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