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22 Jun, 2016 20:25

Aussie woman wakes up to 5-meter python in bedroom (VIDEO)

Aussie woman wakes up to 5-meter python in bedroom (VIDEO)

As though waking up in the morning isn’t hard enough, one Aussie woman woke to find a five meter (16.4ft) snake straddling her bedroom wall.

Trina Hibberd was visiting a friend’s house in Mission Beach, northern Queensland, on Sunday when she woke at 4:30am to find a 40kg (88lb), five-meter Scrub Python stretching from the lounge into her bedroom.

The snake, which they named Monty, can be seen stretched out along the wall from one room into another having draped itself over a hat stand and a picture frame, flicking on a light switch and knocking over a lamp en route to the bedroom.

To make matters worse, it’s understood the snake was probably living in the house for the last decade, according to the ABC.

“We’ve got a visitor… and it’s f**king huge,” says Hibberd. “It is massive.”

As would be expected, “all hell broke loose,” Hibberd said of the unwanted visitor’s discovery in the house.

After trapping the snake in the bedroom, Hibberd and her friend Julie Birrel called a snake catcher, who described the python as “a good monster.”

Once captured, Monty was then released into a local water treatment plant where it was hoped it would make its way into the native bushland to the rear.

Since being uploaded to Facebook over the weekend, the video has already clocked up almost 200,000 views with most in agreement that the snake is “disgustingly big.”