Robo-tractor: Slick self-driving vehicle heralds remote-control farming (VIDEO)

Robo-tractor: Slick self-driving vehicle heralds remote-control farming (VIDEO)
The future of tractors is looking sleek and glossy and more akin to a Transformer than the reliable Massey Ferguson that has served farmers for decades. The only snag? The machines are taking over.

A luxurious (not something you would usually associate with farming) self-driving concept tractor has just been unveiled, proving that cutting edge autonomous technology is not just the reserve of cars.

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Autonomous Solutions Incorporated has revealed Case IH – the concept robo-tractor at The Farm Progress Show – showing off its nifty extras including cameras, radar and sensors that allow the farmer to control the tractor remotely using a tablet.

The tractor, which could be mistaken for a way flashier Batmobile, has a maximum speed of 31 miles per hour (50 kph).

It is currently designed without a seat, meaning a driver can’t jump in and take manual control if something goes awry.

Other important details still need to be ironed out including the small matter of price but until then sit back and watch futuristic farming at its most visionary.

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