Whale hello there: Humpback photobombs snorkeling Aussie in Pacific Ocean (PHOTO)

Having a whale of a time. @will.rosner
An Australian adventurer had a whale of a time when a humpback posed for a photograph with him. Twenty-four-year-old Will Rosner went snorkelling in Tonga when he captured this magnificent moment.

#selfie game on point. Having a #whale of a time in #Tonga. #humpbackwhale 🐳

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Rosner is currently sailing around the Pacific and couldn’t resist going for a swim when he came across a pod of whales. “I swam with about six whales over six hours, including a 15 metre mother and her calf,” Rosner told the Daily Mail Australia.

The whales didn't seem to mind Rosner’s company, splashing him and at one point lifting him out of the water. “It stared me straight in the eye before it felt me with its tail and lifted me out of the water.” he said.

Myself and a docile 15m, 25 tonne #humpback #whale, along side her playful, newborn calf in #Vavau, #Tonga.

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His friends at home in Sydney commented with jealousy on the adventurers pictures. “I can't deal with your life” said one commenter accompanied by a sad face while another wanted to ensure their part in any future action saying “whatever holiday you're on you need to take me next time”.

This #humpback's fluke (tail) was at least 5m across. #whale 🎼🐳

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