Artist who nailed scrotum to Red Square gets ‘tribute’ menu at Burger King

Artist who nailed scrotum to Red Square gets ‘tribute’ menu at Burger King
Petr Pavlensky, the artist who famously nailed his scrotum to the ground at Red Square, has been bizarrely honored by Burger King in his hometown of St Petersburg with a “tribute” menu.

Those who don’t lose their appetite thinking about his ‘ballsy’ business can bite down on a number of limited-edition “Pavlensky burgers” which mark his past performances - like wrapping his half naked body in barbed wire…

...setting fire to the door of Russia’s security service headquarters…

...or sewing his lips together in protest against government policies.

The global fast food chain’s localized menu will feature burgers wrapped in “edible barbed wire” (“burnt on one side”), partly sewn shut, and “nailed to a platform” burgers with an egg and a spike, according to their press release.

Burger King, known for slogans like “Have It Your Way” and “Home of the Whopper,” says it's using the PR stunt to bring “culture to the masses.”

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Pavlensky is a highly controversial figure in Russia who has often been in conflict with authorities.

The 32-year-old was released from jail on June 8 after serving seven months in pretrial detention.

He was fined $7,750 for “flame-broiling” the door at FSB HQ, which he said at the time was a protest against the repression of civil society.

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