Sportscar plunges into TV camera tower at race (VIDEO)

Sportscar plunges into TV camera tower at race (VIDEO)
A car flipped over a racetrack barrier and smashed into a television gantry during the start of the British Touring Car Championship at Snetterton in Norfolk, England last week.

The competition had previously been delayed due to a separate crash in the day’s second race, with the third resulting in a car cartwheeling into the camera tower, causing the structure to topple over.

Luckily, ITV cameraman Phil White was “sore” but otherwise unharmed by the collision.

Within seconds of the race starting, a yellow Ford is seen crashing into the pitwall, causing a small pile-up among the competitors following from behind.

Then a Chevrolet, striking the traffic jam at speed, is launched into the air, flipping over and smashing into the race barrier before hitting the TV tower.

Bystanders immediately rush to help the cameraman after the crash and shove his equipment to one side in an attempt to pull him to safety.

Racing drivers have expressed concern over safety at the Norfolk site following the two crashes, ITV reports.