Austrian woman with unwanted tattoo of penis gets cover-up design (PHOTO)

© Reuters
An Austrian woman who was given a tattoo of a penis and the word “f*ck” when she wanted a Yin Yang symbol is going under the needle again to get the phallic ink covered up.

Jasmine Strasser asked an acquaintance if he would give her a tattoo in July. The man agreed, and drew a stencil outline of the Yin Yang design she wanted. However, once it was time to apply the tattoo, he decided to go another direction, inking her with a crude penis outline and the word “f*ck.”

The poor recipient only realized what he had done when she got home. The man was later found guilty of causing bodily harm, among other charges, and was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison.

When asked why he did the tattoo, his explanation was “Just because,” the Local reports.

After news of the unwanted tattoo spread, Vienna tattoo artist Danny Shoestar said he would create a tattoo to cover the original.

Strangely, a similar incident took place in 2010 when an Australian found himself with an unwanted 40cm-long penis on his back when he too asked for a Yin Yang symbol with dragons.

The lesson here seems to be ‘exercise caution when it comes to Yin Yang back tattoos’.