Dramatic moment Empire State Building struck by lightning bolt captured on camera (VIDEO)

© Henrik Moltke
New York’s iconic Empire State Building was struck by a lightning bolt during an epic electric storm Monday - and cameras caught it all.

Much of the east coast was rocked by thunderstorms bringing all four seasons to the Big Apple in one July afternoon.

Instagram user @Casey2Cooke captured the superb contrast in weather conditions before and after the lightning strike with ominous storm clouds giving way to a dazzling rainbow.

As the storm was blowing in.. #ESBStory #contest

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The rainbow goes from the @empirestatebldg to the @oneworldtrade .. AMAZING! #esbstory #contest

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On average the Empire State Building takes a lightning hit about 23 times a year. Its part-metal exterior helps to conduct electricity.

And let’s face it, this American landmark has endured harsher treatment than this, from alien incinerations to King Kong using it as a climbing frame.