Solar burst: Spectacular NASA footage captures sun’s ‘magnetic dance’ (VIDEO)

Solar burst: Spectacular NASA footage captures sun’s ‘magnetic dance’ (VIDEO)
US space agency NASA has released a video of solar material bursting out from the sun in a ‘dance’ captured in new footage.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) took a close-up video between July 9 and 10, and managed to capture the footage in wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light.

The imagery was changed to red to make viewing easier and solar material was seen repeatedly bursting from the sun.

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As the sun slowly rotates in the footage, small explosions of solar material are seen erupting from the glowing sphere’s surface at different points.

The sun is made up of plasma, which is a gas where negative electrons move freely around the positive ions. They form a powerful mix of charged particles, according to the space agency.

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When there is a burst of plasma out of the surface, it is withdrawn back into the active region, forming a “dance commanded by complex magnetic forces above the sun.”