NASA releases 1,300 raw images of Juno’s approach to Jupiter (VIDEO)

© NASAJuno
NASA has made over 1,300 raw images captured by the Juno spacecraft taken during its approach to Jupiter available for download.

Scientists are encouraging space enthusiasts to download the unprocessed images which were collected three weeks before Juno was taken into Jupiter’s orbit on July 5.

“We hope that you will enjoy creating your own product!, the announcement read.

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A red, green and blue image was taken every 15 minutes over a 17-day period to gather the photos that were then compiled in a book-like fashion to create the ‘Juno Approach Movie’.

The JunoCam managed to photograph Jupiter’s moon Callisto making one full orbit around the gas planet between June 12 and June 19.

In another unique timelapse movie, Jupiter’s other large moons – Io, Europa and Ganymede – make multiple orbits and can been seen entering and exiting the super planet's shadow throughout