Aspiring filmmaker? MSM reports on Russian ‘doping scandal’ as exercise in creative writing (CLIP)

If you thought movie plots only came from Hollywood, you’ll be surprised to find that MSM outlets are making up their own dramatic storylines about Russia’s alleged doping scandal. Anyone can take part in the fun, creating a thriller in just five steps.

First, the setting needs to match the dodgy plot. For this reason, most activities should take place at night.

The New York Times is full of great nighttime plots, including a story in which it alleges that Russia replaced the urine in athletes’ samples in a “dark-of-night operation.”

And although illumination is obviously necessary in any sort of setting, electricity needs to be limited and dim, with rooms “lit by a single lamp,” if possible.

Throw in a secret formula, a mystery room, and an ample supply of coffee and cigarettes, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a thriller fit for the big screen.

Several anti-doping agencies, including those of the US and Canada, are urging the International Olympic Committee to ban all Russian athletes from taking part in the Rio Olympics. Russia’s track-and-field athletes have already been banned from the Games, except for those who have been able to unequivocally prove their innocence.