Moose miraculously survives extreme crash with SUV (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Moose miraculously survives extreme crash with SUV (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
A Colorado woman managed to capture the “upsetting” moment a moose was catapulted into the air by an oncoming SUV on a state highway. However, the most shocking part is that the animal actually survived.

Kayla Whitehead had pulled over to watch two moose that were running along Colorado State Highway 9 beside White River National Forest last week and happened to have her camera rolling when the animal leaped into oncoming traffic.

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In the video, the unsuspecting moose is blasted into the air and catapulted to the other side of the road by a fast-moving SUV who failed to notice the cars which had pulled over to watch the wild animals.

I think the guys were just from out of town and didn't know that a bunch of cars pulled over means there's wildlife on mountain roads,” wrote Whitehead in the YouTube videos description.

The moose can been seen hobbling away from the scene into the bushes and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers told the Denver Post they believe the animal survived as they searched for over a mile and did not find a carcass.

Amazingly, even the vehicle’s passengers managed to escape without injury, although the car’s windshield was heavily damaged.

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