Vibrating vehicles? Russian driverless car road signs cause jolts of laughter across internet

© Mihail Mokrushin
Though driverless cars won't hit Russian roads for a while yet, designers are planning ahead. They've now invented road signs to warn human drivers there are machines at the wheel, and their vehicles are... vibrating?

Although Russia doesn’t plan to start using ‘driverless vehicle’ road signs until at least 2020, the design has already been created and is going through the wheels of bureaucracy, currently at the initial stages of approval. 

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Three different signs have been submitted by Cognitive Technologies together with Art. Lebedev Studio: “Warning, driverless vehicle on road,” “Beginning of route including driverless vehicles,” and “End of route including driverless vehicles.”

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“Road signs for driverless vehicles should have simple symbolism and convey a clear message without confusing motorists by associating with conventional signs," general director of Cognitive Technologies, Andrey Chernogorov, told website

However, internet users have already criticized the design, saying that it looks like Wi-Fi is somehow involved.

Take a look at these other road signs that make little sense: