‘Scared for the future’: Internet in meltdown over Brexit vote

© Andrew Kelly
In the wake of the UK voting to leave the European Union, the internet has been reacting to the news in the only way it can, and a lot of people are clearly not happy.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and that’s exactly how some people have decided to express their feelings.

Those who were hoping for a win for the ‘Remain’ campaign have been searching for a silver lining.

Others though are very worried about what the result may mean for the UK’s future as well as for its people and the markets.

There was no shortage of anger among voters who clearly did not get their desired result.

In light of the Brexit, there have been questions raised over which other countries may follow suit, and what to call it if they do.

It’s yet to be confirmed whether this actually was the Queen’s official reaction.