Kangaroo & pig ‘get it on’ Marvin Gaye-style in bizarre Outback romance (PHOTOS)

Kangaroo & pig ‘get it on’ Marvin Gaye-style in bizarre Outback romance (PHOTOS)
An unusual romance between a kangaroo and pig exiled to a life in the Australian Outback has been exposed online… and the world can’t handle it.

Farmer Greg Dick owns a male kangaroo called F*ck It and female pig named Apples. He says the two are “in love” and have been in a relationship for over a year.

I tried to take the pig away the other day and the kangaroo almost tore the fence down,” said Dick to NT News.

Sydney PhD student Ryan Frazer captured the love making in Australia’s Northern Territory during a research trip and couldn’t hide his shock at the unlikely couple.

I didn't even know it was possible,” said Frazer to Daily Mail Australia. “The kangaroo started hugging the pig from behind, worked himself up a bit, and went for it.”

The pig and a pouch aren’t shy either, with the photos showing a goose getting a front-row seat as F*ck It starts an impromptu cuddle party for two, hugging the pig several times before getting down to business.

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After 10 lingering minutes, Frazer and his colleagues finally decided to leave the couple alone out of respect for their privacy.

We were just standing there like, ‘This is strange. Should we still be standing here, watching, taking photos?’" Frazer said.

When the kangaroo finished, the pig tried to jump on the back of the kangaroo for a bit, maybe to reciprocate... that's when we decided we'd had enough,” he concluded.

It seems the relationship, while unusual to some, is accepted by the remote Aileron community.

After leaving the outback farm, Frazer said he asked a local about the relationship who replied nonchalantly: "Yeah, the kangaroo's been heaps calmer since the pig has been in there."

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