Hopping mad: Beefcake Kangaroo takes on impossible rival (VIDEO)

Not all kangaroos are as intelligent as television's crime-solving Skippy, as evidenced by this video showing an angry roo trying to pick a fight with its own reflection.

Filmed from the safety of an Oz home, the footage shows a large marsupial appearing increasingly irate at finding another kangaroo on its patch. 

However, what the kangaroo thinks is an encroaching rival is actually its own reflection in a window.

The confused animal can be seen to drag its razor sharp claw down the pane of glass as a man inside the house witnesses the freaky face-off.

Clearly intent on finishing off an imagined opponent, and ignoring a warning from the homeowner, the kangaroo then aims a vicious low blow at the window.

Luckily, the glass did not cave in or the homeowner might be complaining about broken bones rather than a scratched window.