Ninja kangaroo launches night ambush, smashes shocked driver’s vehicle (VIDEO)

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Kangaroos can pack a serious punch when they launch themselves at car windshields, as one unfortunate Australian motorist found out.

Large male kangaroos can weigh up to 200lb and jump almost three meters into the air - so you can imagine the damage one could do if it decided to attack.

Dashcam footage filmed at night along an Australian dirt road shows a vehicle coming off second best to the startled marsupial.

One moment the motorist is driving carefree in what looks like bush country, the next he is faced with a roo jumping feet first at his windshield.

A massive thud can be heard in the video as the large animal comes crashing down, cracking the front window.

The terrified driver then curses his attacker before getting out of his vehicle to assess the damage.

The fate of the roo is unknown but the uninjured driver is surely hoping his insurance policy is up to date.