Libertarian candidate strips on stage at party convention (VIDEO)

Libertarian candidate strips on stage at party convention (VIDEO)
Politics and pole dancing went hand in hand at the Libertarian Party convention when a candidate used his time on stage to perform a striptease. James Weeks stripped down to some very revealing underwear before declaring he was dropping out.

The Michigan man was at the party’s convention in Orlando on Sunday where he was a candidate for party chairman, according to NY Daily.

When he took to the stage for a two-minute chance to outline his qualities for the role he told the crowd, “we could use a little bit of fun.”

For a moment it was fun, as Weeks played music via his phone and got the crowd clapping. It soon became too much fun, for Weeks anyway, as he removed his clothes and danced around the stage.

His performance was not appreciated for long though as cheers turned to boos with one man yelling “Get off the stage you’re making an ass out of yourself.”

Weeks then announced on stage that he would be dropping out of the race and that he only ran for a dare.

Gary Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, went on to win the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination at the convention, with former Massachusetts governor William Weld his vice president nominee. Both kept their pants on.

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Weeks has previously run for the Libertarian Party nomination for Livingston County Sheriff in Michigan, according to his website. We eagerly await his next exciting campaign tactic.