Amazing 6-month-old becomes youngest ever water skier (VIDEO)

A 6-month-old girl, who hasn’t yet mastered the art of walking, glided 868 feet across a Florida lake to become “the youngest water skier in the world,” according to her professional water-skiing father, Keith St. Onge.

Zyla St. Onge water-skiing career started off slow, at first the baby trained on carpet before making her way to the water. Last Friday, at the age of six months and 26 days, she skied 62 feet past a line of cheering adults. 

Then, supposedly unhappy with that level of success, Zyla set her sights on bigger waves and reached 686.4 feet the next day, before reaching the end of the man-made Lake Silver in Winter Haven, Florida. 

Zyla has broken the decades-old record held by Parks Bonifay who skied at the age of six months and 29 days, according to The World Barefoot Centre - which is co-owned by Zayla’s professional barefoot water skiing parents. 

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