Bystanders free man from car wreck moments before it bursts into flames (VIDEO)

© AnchoragePolice
Dramatic dashcam footage has emerged online showing several Alaskan citizens helping a police officer free a man trapped in a burning car, despite the clear risk to their own safety.

Anchorage police officer Mitchell Veenstra attended the scene of the crash on Sunday and found an overturned car, engulfed in flames, and the trapped driver, whose arm was trapped underneath the door.

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The panicking victim can be heard yelling in pain as Veenstra enlists the help of bystanders who courageously leap into action and push together.

Eventually, the group succeeds in freeing the driver just moments before the vehicle bursts into flames.

The overwhelmed man, as it transpires, is a firefighter and can be heard saying “I thought I was literally going to die,” as he breaks down in gratitude just as emergency services arrive.

Anchorage Police Department shared the footage on their Facebook page Wednesday, amassing 40,000 views in just a few hours.