Massacre at Kruger: Lion pulls fetus from buffalo it just killed (VIDEO)

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It’s a scene that wouldn’t be suitable for a children’s Disney film, but the internet is engrossed by a new video from South Africa’s Kruger National Park which shows a lion pulling the fetus of an unborn calf from the carcass of a buffalo it has just killed.

The gruesome moment was filmed by a couple in the park known for its bloody clashes of nature.

The hungry lion is seen pulling the dead baby from the buffalo’s womb on the edge of a watering hole. At first, a man watching asks what it is, adding: “It looks like a bit of stomach.”

After the large cat carries the fetus away, a woman gasps in shock. “It’s a baby,” she says. “That was pregnant, it got the baby out. Oh my goodness, gross!”

The lion is then seen wandering back to where one of its buddies was resting under a tree, before settling in the shade to feast on its tasty snack.

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Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s largest game reserves, covering almost 19,500 kilometers (12,116 miles).

The park has a 650-strong anti-poaching team and two drones to keep animals safe from humans, but other interspecies battles are left alone for our viewing pleasure.